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We truly believe that the world needs heart-centered leaders. Leaders that have the power to show strength and vulnerability. Leaders who stand between their people. So, what makes a great leader? Simon Sinek suggests; “it’s someone who makes their employees feel safe and who draws people into a circle of trust. However, creating trust and safety—especially in an unstable economy and in times of crisis—means taking on a big responsibility”. It requires the ability to go inside, to reflect and to develop from a place of purpose, values and core talents.

Our approach is to build on five core leadership skills:

  1. Critical self-awareness and lead with purpose – understand your own drivers, style and connect to your own purpose to be an authentic leader.
  2. Continuous learning and self-development – skills and competency development, personal and team vitality
  3. Communication – the ability to communicate with trust and clarity
  4. Influence – understand how you support teams and individuals in their (personal) development, how to engage and build trust and have the ability to delegate and give trust.
  5. Agility – the ability to drive change and take people on a change journey

We do this through:

  • Leadership development training
  • Vitality programs
  • Leadership experiences and events
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Female leadership training
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Who we are

Yolanda is specialized and has a track record in purpose development and activation, (employer) brand and marketing strategy, culture and people change, transformation of marketing organizations, agile marketing organizations, coaching and leadership development. She is also frequently invited to publicly speak on engagements covering topics of female leadership, agile marketing and purpose-led change.

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