Sustainable human-centric transformation requires true purpose

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InsideOut: the purpose-led transformation Company

We currently live in an era of transition. We need to move to a presence that is beneficial to the planet and the community of life. This fundamental transformation requires companies and people to rethink who they are, know their higher purpose and how they are going to contribute. We are specialized in supporting (global) brands, organizations and people in transformation. We put purpose and the talent of people at the heart of our approach. That’s why we call ourselves the purpose-led transformation company.


A higher purpose is at the heart and center of why an organization exists and what it stands for. It gives direction to strategy, business priorities, sustainable growth, leadership and team development, culture and behaviour. That is why InsideOut starts any transformation with alignment to a well defined purpose.


In the current era organizations must be able to adapt continiously to the changing markets. And contribute to a better world. Any organization needs new capabillities, an agile mindset and a culture that embraces innovation. We all know that any change depends on the engagement and commitment of people. And leaders who are truly purpose-led and understand that a higher objective will motivate your people and other stakeholders to play their part.


Purpose-led transformation leads to result-driven outcomes. By uniting people behind a clear defined common goal and engaging them on the change-journey, the right fundaments are in place to drive performance and sustainable growth.  Performance that is focused on a culture with the well-being of people, clients and community at center.

What we do

We focus on purpose-led transformation including purpose development, alignment and activation. We develop culture and change programs to support people and leaders in transformations. We improve your marketing capabilities aligned to your business strategy. Supported by new operating models and different ways of working (including agile marketing) delivering impact, focus, effectiveness & efficiency.

‘Our approach is built on three pillars: purpose, people and performance.’

Why clients choose us

We are truly passionate about purpose and people. We are catalysts for transformation, truly interested in your case for change. We love to work together with our clients, in partnership, to achieve better outcomes. We provide new and creative ideas. But remain practical and solutions driven at the same time. We combine years of experience in the field of purpose, brands and marketing, professional services and transformation. We work with a spirit for purpose and business. It underpins everything we do and how we do it.

What our clients say about us

It’s a pleasure and privilege to team with Yolanda on transformation projects. We have worked with her on several change programs involving organisational change and new ways of working. She is a committed leader with a clear vision and a heart for people. She guides the people involved with care to the higher objectives. In a natural way she drives innovation and builds trust . The result is that people are engaged and committed to deliver on the change.

Maarten Laros
Founder Bright

I have hired Yolanda as a consultant for transformation projects within my function of brand, marketing and communications. With her background in brand strategy and marketing and being in (international) leadership roles for a big part of her career she understands the function and the dynamics in the field very well. Her strategic and conceptual thinking in combination with her personal style creates trust. In the changing environments our function needs to be fit for future. We work with Yolanda on projects such as redesign of the area model of our function, improving and defining new marketing capabilities, new ways of working including agile marketing and team development. She creates the right setting for change. She has way of touching the heart and minds of people involved.

Karen Hopkins
Global Brand, Marketing & Communications leader EY

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