Hold the purpose, trust the process.

Our approach is built on three pillars:


We always begin with purpose.

We start by understanding the defined purpose and how it is embedded in the organization. Or we help leadership to define the purpose.  If a well-articulated purpose is in place, we ensure the objective of the transformation is aligned. We develop a clear narrative for change to inspire and engage people on the journey. We use different tools to harness this from a purpose assessment, a purpose scan for leadership and teams to engagement workshops.


Readiness for change.

Our ‘Readiness for change’ methodology will give leadership a clear picture of the current support base for transformation. We look at the current state and make an inventory of the future requirements and capabilities. In close collaboration, we agree on the core design principles and the scope of work. We partner – usually through workshops – to develop the future state organization, new ways of working and engaging. Co-creation with your (key) team members in the development process is key to ensure engagement on the journey.


Embedding purpose and new ways.

We support the transformation and introduction and/or activation of the new direction including new ways of working and new ways of engaging. We develop your change story and prepare communication materials, write new and updated job descriptions and run change workshops. Key for us is to ensure that we embed the change so the new set-up is self-sustaining. We work with agile (marketing) specialists and coaches who have extensive knowledge of design processes,  technology and tools to ensure the right support during the transformation.

We deliver our services in the field of:
  • purpose and strategy
  • cultural and behavioural change
  • leadership and team development, coaching
  • marketing transformation
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