Founder and owner Yolanda wanted to become a classical ballet dancer. She didn’t manage to get into the school of ballet but found a new goal in life. This was employer branding strategy as a starting point. Her passion for getting to the core of people, brands and her eagerness for personal development made her grow into a transformational leader in the wide field of branding, marketing and communications. She touches the heart and minds of people. She is highly driven to develop heart-centered leaders and support young female talent in their career to ensure we create better leaders for the future.

‘To move forward you need to get real’

In her career, she felt extremely lucky to work for amazing purpose-led leaders with an eye for talent. After a successful career as a brand and marketing leader in professional, financial services and consulting businesses she founded InsideOut Consultancy. Yolanda believes that when you connect – either organizations or individuals – to their core purpose and talent success will follow. In her leadership roles she drove continuous change and innovation.  Her biggest strengths are having a strategic and creative mindset, the ability to bring people on the journey, connecting the dots across multiple parts of the business, strong stakeholder management and of course her passion for getting the best out of people and teams.

Set up for best performance 
Although she never made it to the big stage as ballet dancer, her way of operating is like a choreographer. She designs the ‘dance’, ensures to connect people to their purpose and talent and gives them opportunities to develop and shine. She sets the scene and builds the fundament, so everyone is set up for their best performance.

Yolanda is specialized and has a track record in purpose development and activation, (employer) brand and marketing strategy, culture and people change, transformation of marketing organizations, agile marketing organizations, coaching and leadership development. She is also frequently invited to publicly speak on engagements covering topics of female leadership, agile marketing and purpose-led change.

Yolanda van Die
Yolanda van Die


Our Team

We share a common belief that living a higher purpose as an individual and as an organization is essential to transition to a consious way of doing business and living. The essence is that business must drive positive change in some way to contribute to a healthier planet. We want to make a positive impact through the passion we have for purpose and people. Driven by personal and emotional development that allows us to see the bigger picture. We feel a need to reconcile consiousness, spirituality with business: we connect heart and mind. 

Iris Laros
Iris Laros

Producer | EA

Iris laros

Iris a young change agent who has been intrigued by how people are wired and their talents from a very young age. She is highly engaged in all topics that relate to the planet and people. Her ability to look within and to develop as a human being at a young age makes that she senses quickly what drives people. Iris beliefs strongly that if we connect young children to their core talent that they will much easier will develop in consious adults. Hence her study to be a teacher. Given her interest in a holistic approach and the benefit of yoga and meditation she also follows a study yoga|meditation teacher at ‘De Nieuwe Yogaschool’ in Amsterdam. Iris supports Yolanda in the day to day operations, is responsible for community building and marketing.

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