When people are driven by purpose and connected to their talent they can contribute from a place of meaning and intrinsic motivation. They trust their intuition and want to operate from the heart. That’s why Yolanda founded Spirit of Business. She believes we need to reconcile business with spirituality”

What we do

Through our Spirit of Business workshops, programs, events and (executive) coaching we help you to develop and grow by connecting you to your core talent and purpose.

We know what it means to lead and the importance of resilience and vitality (physically, emotionally and mentally). With leaders and teams we work on principles and behaviors of adaptable and high performing teams so they feel strengthen to thrive in changing environments.

Yolanda is also a frequently asked speaker on the topic of purposeled leadership, spirituality and business

Why we do it

In this era of transition we need leaders who are purpose-led and who are able to connect to their own essence and talent. Who are focused on bringing out the best in people and themselves.

We are passionate about helping individuals and leaders in their personal development in connecting them to their purpose and talents. We use tools and techniques that give more insight in their personal style, skills and competences. This will create intrinsic motivation, give energy and supply them with the attributes to take action, navigate through changing environments and to thrive. 

Yolanda’s work with female leaders 

“I experienced what it means to lead and how personal development helps you to become a better person and leader. The importance of a great leader who sees you and supports you in your development and your career is invaluable. Don’t we all have those role models or wished we had them? Therefor I want to support women in connecting them to their purpose and talent so they can be the heart centered leaders of the future. And help to balance the asks of modern life so they get more out of life too.”

In her career and journey as a leader personal development has been key. That led into that Yolanda is also a certified yoga teacher, meditation trainer and life coach. In her work as a leader and as consultant these are fully integrated in her life and in her work and approach.

Do you want to work from the fundament of your core talent and lead from purpose?
Both personally as well as a leader?

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We believe

that personal and business life are intertwined and the more your purpose and talent overlays with the organizational one the more you will enjoy life and work. Therefor we work with both organizations and teams to develop their purpose and help them transform (InsideOut Consultancy) as well as work with current and future leaders (Spirit of Business).