Marketing transformation

“How do we adapt to drive sustainable and humanized growth?”

Marketing transformation is the process of rethinking and redesigning your marketing function and ecosystem, making it fit for the future. Besides aligning with purpose, we assess the current state and scope and define the desired state. Including the operational aspects of marketing,  effectiveness and efficiency. We look at the marketing strategy, processes, resources, operating models, technology enablers, onshore versus offshore, agency strategies, skills and capabilities. The client experience and journey need to live up to its purpose and promise. As well as being agile, to deal with increasing demands, new services, products and fast paced innovation.

We can support in:

  • Developing and/or aligning the purpose far more explicitly in relation to the brand and marketing strategy;
  • Developing an integrated approach to support and drive business growth;
  • Design the change strategy and roadmap;
  • Define and implement new ways of working and new ways of engaging (incl. agile marketing);
  • Design new operating models;
  • Recruitment of new capabilities including job specific development


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